Professional investment for all

We bring professional quantitative tools to every investor

Our approach is based on a simple concept: a robot (automated investment algorithm) trading companies defined in a theme.
The robot will adjust its portfolio daily according to market conditions and risk profile.

How to use?

  1. Pick a robot matching your risk profile.
  2. Select a theme from the list of provided global or thematic investments and look at your robot suggested allocation.
  3. Regularly adjust your portfolio allocation to follow your robot decisions.
  4. Profit!

Pick your favorite Theme

It's way more interesting to invest in companies or sector you are interested in. Pick a theme among the provided list and check our robot performance. If you don't want to pick a specific sector, we also propose some global approaches.

Our Themes

Trading Robots

We designed several automated investment robots, each with some unique characteristics.

You can compare our robots returns and risk while working on different themes.

The Robots

Disclaimer: Information on this website are for information purpose only. Robots positions are not a solicitation to buy or sell specified companies. We are not responsible for any loss resulting to investments following robots decisions. Always do your own research prior to investing.